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Designer Collections

We are proud to launch our "Designer Collections" here in our new online store! Every artist featured here has a unique story to tell. Take a look below!

Each featured artist has an environmental cause that is near and dear to their heart. So, each artist has chosen a conservation organization to donate a portion of the proceeds towards that non-profit, helping us save our planet.


Artist: Nicole Jenkins

Instagram: @ne_adventure

Donations: Langley Whale Center

aka - Orca Network

Meet Nicole!

When creating her Instagram handle, she used the first 2 initials of her name, and combined them with her adventurous spirit to create "@ne_adventure"! Follow her on IG to see all of the things she's up to!

Nicole is the inspiration that is behind the name that became "BlackFin Coffee" because of her great love for orcas, and the pacific northwest. 

In her collection, you'll find jewelry and other paraphernalia inspired by the sea! Take a look here!

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