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Our Story
The Mission

What Makes Our Coffee Different

BlackFin Coffee's Seattle roasted specialty coffee is not only some of the best quality and flavor that money can buy, but it's also for the greatest possible impact! It's important that our products feel good, not just taste good.

This is our mission: "To save the endangered southern resident killer whales from extinction by restoring wild Chinook salmon, while honoring indigenous peoples' treaty rights."

Through our partnerships with non-profit organizations and our three core values, we will accomplish our mission and make the world a happier, more sustainable place to live, and it starts right here in the Pacific Northwest.

Core Values

We believe that our mission can be accomplished by consistently executing on these 3 core values.

1. Kindness - Every human and creature on earth has value and deserves to be treated with respect and love. Kindness extends far past personal interaction, but instead reverberates throughout the whole world as one life impacts another, and so on. At BlackFin Coffee, we care about income inequality, and just treating people equally. That is why the employees at BlackFin Coffee will be paid the exact same wages as the owner. Everyone is equal, and everyone will be treated as an equally valued partner.

2. Conservation - Every time we create a product, waste reduction is the top priority. While we realize that zero waste is nearly impossible, we still have the power to package our products in an eco-responsible way. That's why we package all of our products in either bio-degradable packaging, or recyclable packaging that will not spend hundreds of years floating around in our planet's oceans. Furthermore, starting January 1, 2023, we are proud to announce that $2 from every bag of coffee purchased will be donated to non-profit organizations who are also committed "To save the endangered southern resident killer whales from extinction by restoring wild chinook salmon, while honoring indigenous peoples' treaty rights."

3. Excellence - If a product isn't top notch, then it's not good enough. We care deeply about creating a great product, and giving great experiences. If you're unsatisfied with your product or experience for any reason, we will gladly give you your money back, without any hassles. We believe that the best way to build a brand is to give 100% satisfaction to every customer. We are eager to hear your feedback. If we could have done better in any way, please email us at so we can make improvements for our future interactions!

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