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Our Offerings

All of our coffees are specialty grade, which means you're getting only the BEST possible product!

Also, with the purchase of any BlackFin Coffee bag, we donate $2 to orca conservation non-profits.

Check It Out Below!

BlackFin Blends

Our Transient Blend coffee was inspired by the Bigg's Transient Killer Whales that frequent the Puget Sound. These killer whales are different in that they prey on marine mammals only, like seals, porpoises, gray whales, and others. 

The art used for this coffee label portrays our favorite Transient Killer Whale: T-63 "Chainsaw", who is more easily identified by his distinctive dorsal fin and scratches on his saddle patch.

For this blend, we mixed 50/50 Brazil, roasted medium, and Colombia, roasted dark. This is the perfect blend for your standard "cup of joe", made with any coffee pot or pour over.

Our new 2022 release of the Chinook Blend coffee label, inspired by the endangered Chinook Salmon, was created in hopes of removing the 4 lower Snake River Dams that prevent the reproduction of the Southern Resident Killer Whales' primary food source.

The art used for this label portrays a Southern Resident Killer Whale in the hunt. According to, a SRKW "needs around 20 full-bodied salmon per day to survive, but they’re not getting nearly enough."

With this one, we pre-blend D.R. Congo and Rwanda beans and roast them to a nice medium/dark level. This coffee has a creamy body with a chocolaty flavor, perfect for a "cup of joe" or espresso.

Also a new 2022 release, the SRKW Blend coffee label was inspired by the endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales, or "SRKW" for short. These beloved orcas are home to the Salish Sea, the waters along the Washington and British Colombia coastlines.

The art used for this label portrays 3 SRKW "Spy Hopping". This is a behavior where the orcas bob their heads above the water to get a view of the surrounding area. 

In this one is a pre-blend mix of Colombia and Sumatra beans, roasted to a medium profile. This complex mix of flavors delivers a bright, full-bodied, caramelized fruitiness and is best experienced in espressos, but still great in all of your favorite brew methods.

The Whiskey Barrel Aged coffee phenomena began over a decade ago, and is one of the most interesting experiences that a coffee lover, who is also a whiskey lover, can have!

This label art is a depiction of a Pacific Northwest tree growing out of a whiskey barrel in the ground. Why? Because BlackFin Coffee is a PNW brand, and that's how we roll!

With this blend, we took 2 whiskey barrels... One with Buffalo Trace Bourbon, and another with Laphroaig Scotch, put Sumatra green beans in them for 2-3 weeks, and finally roasted them to a dark level. This coffee is the perfect dessert coffee for your weekend indulgence. Don't worry though... There is 0% ABV in this coffee!

Never judge a book by it's cover... But, ALWAYS judge a coffee brand by it's Espresso! 

BlackFin Coffee set out to find the perfect espresso, and... we did it! It is perfect as a stand-alone espresso, or as the go-to espresso for your Lattes and Cappuccinos. Why? No copy professional could ever do it justice in this text box... You're just gonna have to try it for yourself!

In this blend, we have a post-blended Brazil bean roasted light/medium, and Colombia bean also roasted light/medium. The result is a match made in heaven! The nuttiness and medium body from Brazil, met with the light bodied citrus notes from Colombia, makes the perfect balance of smoothness and flavor.

Last, but certainly not the least, is our Cold Brew Blend. Little do be people know that BlackFin Coffee actually began by creating cold brew coffee. Our Cold Brew Blend was designed to give you the mind-melting experience of a lifetime. This blend, when made into a Nitro Cold Brew Coffee, has the richest, creamiest, cold brew flavor experience you're ever going to experience in your lifetime.

The blend is made with a Rwanda bean roasted medium/dark for it's creaminess, and Sumatra bean roasted nearly-dark, for it's earthy, chocolaty body. We recommend cold brewing them at room temperature for 24 hours, and then putting it in the refrigerator.  With a nitro experience, you'll transcended to a realm of caffeinated divinity that'll leave you speechless.

BlackFin Single Origins

This origin comes from Brazil, Cerrado, Minas Gerais, and has an 82 point Q-Grade. Sugarcane, caramel, chocolate and nutty notes, with a mild acidity and medium body. 

This origin comes from Colombia, Medellin, and has an 84 point Q-Grade. Cocoa, rosated nuts, and citrus zest notes, with a medium body mild acidity. Great for espresso!

Coming from Colombia, this Excelso swiss water decaf bean brings the same notes of cocoa, roasted nuts, and citrus zest, with a medium body, and mild acidity. Great for espresso!

This origin comes from Rwanda Isimbi, at the Karongi District, Lake Kivu. It's got a hints of lemon, strong fruit and berry notes, with a medium acidity, and creamy body. This coffee has an 85 point Q-Grade, and when roasted at a medium/dark level, gives a buttery finish that keeps you wanting to pick the cup up for more!


To keep things fresh, we have one single origin on rotation. Come back often to see what new flavors we have in stock - WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

The Tarrazu and Western Valley is in western Costa Rica south of the Capitol City, San Jose. It is produced by Finca La Pastora and has a q grade score of 84. While having an intense aroma, it has a great delivery, sweet acidity, a well-balanced fruity flavor, with a clean, smooth body. Those with good pallets can taste hints of vanilla, cherries, chocolate, and orange/grapefruit.

BlackFin Organic Single Origins

This origin comes from DR Congo, Kivu, and has an 84 point Q-Grade. Medium to Full body and sweet acidity. Balanced cup with notes of raspberry, blueberry, and dark chocolate. 

This origin comes from Indonesia Sumatra, Gayo Co-op. This 86 point Q-Grade organic coffee, has a mild acidity and heavy body, which lend to more earthy, sweet plum, and dry fruit notes. Best as a dark roast.

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